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Who We Are

David Kertzner
Founder and Managing Director

David Kertzner founded ProActive English in 1997 to meet a pressing need he saw in the business community as the dot-com era evolved:  well-educated, non-native English-speaking professionals with significant roles and great technical ability were inhibited from functioning effectively in fast-paced environments due to their language and communication skills.  Similarly, as labor flows became more global, ProActive English identified a growing need in manufacturing for line workers who can communicate effectively as production facilities become increasingly complex.   

Through ProActive English, David Kertzner has managed training programs at some of the world’s most successful companies, designing training delivery, developing content, hiring trainers and leading training himself at locations around the United States, throughout Asia, in Europe and Latin America.  David has also led teacher training workshops in Brazil, Colombia, The Czech Republic, Vietnam (2018 U.S. English Language Specialist) and at many conferences for ESL teachers.

David has passion and skill for generating creative training solutions that are simple, yet sophisticated and engaging for workers in complex global operations.  He develops language and communication learning experiences with immediate applications to the work environment which are, often, also personally transformational for training participants.


He earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Brandeis University, and received a Master's degree in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language from The School for International Training.   David now resides in Portland, Oregon with his family where he enjoys playing basketball, completing home repair projects, reading biographies and playing the guitar as if he were a rock 'n roll star.


Jeffer Daykin
Director of Business Strategy

Jeffer Daykin first engaged with PAE in 2018 as a strategy consultant to help redefine the company's overall direction and reconnect vision to action. With over a decade of experience developing, executing, and evaluating initiatives in Oregon's largest institution of higher education, Jeffer had acquired the knowledge and skills needed to fuel ProActive English’s drive to improve and scale operations. He was officially made Director of Business Strategy in 2019.


He brings to this work a deep background in education as both a teacher and scholar of international business history. He has taught a range of international studies courses at the college-level for diverse students and is especially skilled at facilitating the difficult discussions that emerge from controversial aspects of international affairs and commerce.


As a published scholar and experienced presenter with over a dozen conference presentations in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Jeffer is highly skilled at identifying ways to improve the clarity and effectiveness of professional communication.  He has also collaborated on a number of book projects bringing together scholars from around the world giving him a great appreciation for the potential challenges and clear rewards of intercultural exchange.

Jeffer holds Bachelor’s degrees in Communications (Ithaca College) and History (Portland State University) as well as Master’s degrees in History (Portland State University) and Teaching (Lewis and Clark College).  His fundamental purpose is to help individuals, groups, and organizations identify their mission and align it with their efforts to become clearer, stronger, and more effective. 


ProActive English Trainers

ProActive English has developed a well-supported network of talented English language and communication skills trainers committed to helping business professionals advance their careers.   Our trainers work closely with client companies to improve their bottom line as team members become more confident and willing to engage when using English.

Trainers working with ProActive English thrive when presented with the unique challenge of delivering language and communication training for some the brightest people in every kind of company, from startups to major software and IT companies to interesting manufacturing organizations employing motivated new arrivals and long-term residents in the United States.

We are always on the lookout for experienced ESL instructors and corporate trainers to engage in our work.  If you are looking for an opportunity to lead training at some of the most interesting companies for some of the most inspiring employees around, then we are interested in you!  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at

UCLA Extension’s American Language Center works closely with ProActive English to deliver onsite pronunciation training at a biotech company, with The Business English Web as the Web-based component in a blended learning model. Program participants have had a very positive experience with the Web tool. ProActive English’s professional and supportive approach has helped participants achieve qualitative outcomes and helped UCLA-ALC generate repeat business with the client.

B. Franceschini

Program Coordinator - Workplace and Evening Programs

UCLA-Extension, American Language Center


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