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Corporate Language Training

Language and Communication Training for Business Professionals and Manufacturing Employees (ESL)

Onsite and Remote English Language and Communication Training

  Speak with Confidence 
Communicate with Precision
Learn Remotely

Great communication skills for non-native English speakers 
are more important than ever.  Learn about Remote Training Options using Zoom and other platforms in these changing times 

Outcomes of ProActive English Enterprise-wide or Localized Corporate Language Training:

  • 25+ MINUTES SAVED PER DAY reported by participants in our on-site corporate language training due to improved English pronunciation, clearer expression of ideas and more efficient writing.  (Average time saved reported in hundreds of course evaluations)

  • INCREASED ENGAGEMENT IN MEETINGS reported by knowledge workers who learn to jump into the discussion and interact more effectively with assertive native-English speakers.

  • CLEARER PRESENTATIONS with more succinct messaging by participants in ProActive English presentations training

  • MORE CONFIDENT EXECUTIVES, SENIOR MANAGERS, MID-LEVEL ENGINEERS and other professionals who learn to engage with clients and colleagues and share information more easily 

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Course content for business professionals can include:                            

  • English Pronunciation and Accent Modification

  • Presentations Training

  • Functioning Effectively in Meetings or Conference Calls

  • Speaking Confidently and Fluently Under Pressure

  • Language and Culture of Business

  • Business English Writing – including e-mail, technical writing, marketing documents and analysis


Here is a partial list of solutions we have provided for clients.
Learn more and about training format and content.


How do we work?

  • We conduct a simple, and thorough, organization and participant needs assessment

  • We interview stakeholders and recorded assessment interviews with participants

  • We tailor corporate language training content to clients’ business processes and organizational communication
  • We schedule remote, one-on-one training sessions around participants' schedules

  • We provide access to our e-learning support tool, The Business English Web© - 100+ hours of interactive learning activities

See Menu of Training Options for 2020.

Case Study:

An ongoing client for corporate language training employs industry experts who have struggled to be understood by their global team and struggled to produce good writing quickly.  These experts were also receiving disappointing scores on well-crafted presentations before large groups.

ProActive English training addressed common pronunciation issues, strategies for presenting more effectively and individual coaching.  In presentations following training, analysts’ scores from audiences have increased markedly as they produced clearer speech, organized ideas more succinctly and demonstrated increased confidence.   Course participants also cut down the time required to produce two to twenty-page documents.  This also means a reduction in the time required for managers and editors to review the writing.


UCLA Extension’s American Language Center works closely with ProActive English to deliver onsite pronunciation training at a biotech company, with The Business English Web as the Web-based component in a blended learning model. Program participants have had a very positive experience with the Web tool. ProActive English’s professional and supportive approach has helped participants achieve qualitative outcomes and helped UCLA-ALC generate repeat business with the client.

B. Franceschini

Program Coordinator - Workplace and Evening Programs

UCLA-Extension, American Language Center


Increase employee  confidence and productivity with language training.  Save time and money for your organization.

Needs Assessment

Discover what an "Organization Needs Assessment" is for language training.