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Speaking Confidently and Fluently
Under Pressure

Customized, Individualized Training

Training for Speaking Confidently and Fluently Under Pressure

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ProActive English program participants often report that they can communicate easily in English when they know their presentation material or they can control the pace and topic of the conversation. However, most of the time in a dynamic workplace with assertive native English speakers, that does not happen.

Native English speakers often speak and respond too quickly. Non-native speakers, even those who are proficient English speakers can’t jump into the conversation easily. When they get an opportunity to speak, or when they are taking questions after a presentation, they struggle to speak fluently, succinctly and most of all, confidently.

If speaking English under pressure is stressful for you when you want to engage in meeting, or if you express your ideas awkwardly in those situations, causing some people to lose confidence in you, we can help!

ProActive English has trained thousands of individuals on local and global teams to help them speak more confidently and fluently under pressure. This is one of our most requested workshops or language training services.

Training on Speaking Confidently and Fluently Under Pressure

Training on speaking confidently and fluently under pressure addresses how speakers prepare your ideas, anticipate the direction of discussions and practice simple strategies for controlling their part of a conversation.  This means knowing their ‘stories’, practicing active listening, using transition phrases and colloquial expressions to maintain the focus of the message and help listeners follow one's ideas.

ProActive English takes training on speaking confidently and fluently under pressure a step further by customizing training and workshops for professional settings including the context of discussions in different industries (technology, manufacturing, healthcare, consulting and more).

Our customized training on speaking confidently and fluently under pressure for individuals and teams includes teaching participants strategies to:

  • tell the stories from work experience and those stories common to your industry

  • describe issues global teams face in product development and work process
  • use simple message focus strategies to keep ideas organized
  • access colloquial language and idiomatic expressions to speak more fluently and naturally
  • understand the dynamics of conflict and confrontation
  • eliminate verbal tics, like ‘um’ and ‘like’ so that non-native speakers can speak more fluently and smoothly under pressure

For those looking for Accent Training for Non-Native Speakers, ProActive English offers customized accent reduction training and classes for all types of languages, including:

Throughout training on Speaking Confidently and Fluently Under Pressure, we also address related issues like Accent ModificationPresenting Information Clearly and ConciselyUsing Business English in Meetings and Video CallsLanguage, Culture and Business – including conversational English and Business English Writing and more.

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