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for Multilingual, Multicultural teams

Common context, integrated needs

ESL Language and Communication Training for Multilingual Teams

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While ProActive English often helps teams who have a common first language - like at our recent New Arrival Training with six Japanese chemists starting a multi-year rotation in Hillsboro, Oregon - we also work regularly with multicultural teams of non-native speakers representing multiple first languages.  In fact, in Japan a few years ago, ProActive English led a 75-hour training (15 hours onsite and 60 hours remote individual coaching) with a team of ten that included five Russian speakers of English, along with employees from Poland, Spain, Norway, Singapore and Taiwan!

Because multilingual, multicultural teams are working together, they face common communication situations as non-native English speakers that demand the same clear, succinct, authentic and strategic communication in English, including: remote and live meetings with internal and external clients, presentations for small and large groups, producing written documents for e-mail, strategic or product summaries, performance reviews or technical writing.

We address these situations by focusing on common communication situations including: sharing basic and complex information, asking and answering questions, describing and comparing products, process and choices, making decisions and reflecting on experience. The most frequent outcome of our training is increasingly confident communicators who find their voice and engage more effectively. 

We use the individual coaching sessions to address individual needs related to the participants' native language.

Content Focus of ESL Language Training Courses For Businesses

All of our ESL training programs are designed to make participants more proficient, effective and confident in their communication. We know that individuals and teams need different types of ESL training, which is why we customize our ESL training programs to specific content, contexts and the communication norms of your employees and organization.

Our most in-demand ESL training services include:

  • accent modification and clarity of speech
  • communicating in one-on-one and small group meetings
  • delivering presentations including effective Q&A
  • managing the language and culture of American business settings
  • writing e-mail, reports, and presentations text
  • strategic communication in multicultural teams
  • speaking fluently and confidently under pressure
  • conversational English including common idioms

Learn about our experience working with employees in multilingual, multicultural teams whose first languages are different - or teams comprised of only one language group:

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