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One-on-One Training

Your content. Your trainer. Your time.

Common Goals, Individual Needs

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One-on-One training is time well spent!

ProActive English has trained hundreds of business professionals, including managers and senior executives in one-on-one formats.  

Most often over the past 10 years, these programs have been conducted remotely using conferencing platforms with business professionals around the world. 

We have conducted one-on-one, spoken English and business writing training with employees based in Silicon Valley, the Bay area, Silicon Forest (Portland), Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, New York City and Boston among many U.S. locations, in addition to leading training remotely with employees in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, most of the EU, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina.  ROI for every location confirms the value of your commitment.  Find out why.

Training imageTraining focus typically includes:

  • English pronunciation and accent modification
  • Presentations training
  • Functioning effectively in meetings or conference calls
  • Speaking confidently and fluently under pressure
  • Business English writing – including e-mail, technical writing, marketing documents and analysis
  • Dynamics of American and Global Business Culture

Many participants initially seek help with accent modification.  Other needs often become priorities as Business English training progresses, including how to:

  • Organize information and express ideas succinctly
  • Formulate and respond to questions
  • Describe projects including bottleneck issues, timelines and decision-making
  • Compare options and reflect on outcomes
  • Listen actively, with greater accuracy
  • Function in Agile environments
  • Work effectively on multicultural, multilingual teams
  • Express critical thinking

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My program with my ProActive English trainer has been an opportunity to add color and depth to my English. He carefully assessed my needs and defined a personalized agenda. Based on my goals, the program included a mix of dynamic activities, useful tools (working material, video camera, website etc.) and last but not least, meaningful insights into language and communication in the American culture - with a focus on the business environment. What I liked most - and what made this program so unique - was the interactive learning sessions, based on my work experience and the general environment around me.

X. Monmarché

Field Marketing Manager



Increase employee  confidence and productivity with language training.  Save time and money for your organization.

Evaluating Progress

Increased confidence and productivity to do language related tasks more efficiently saves time and money.