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Remote / Online Classes

Business English courses, workshops, webinars
for groups and 1-on-1

Remote, Small Group and 1-on-1 Business English Courses, Workshops and Webinars

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BUSINESS ENGLISH REFRESHER COURSE for clients and their colleagues

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Working online is new for many 
Training online is NOT new for us

Your global or local teams, including non-native English speakers, communicate remotely more often than ever – on conference calls, in text messages, through IRC-style platforms like Slack or by traditional e-mail.

Ask yourself:

  • Do non-native speakers on your team jump into the conversation easily, when they need to?
  • Do non-native speakers on your team contribute when you need them to?
  • Do non-native speakers on your team contribute with confidence?

The answer to all of these questions is probably 'no'.

The good news is that remote, online English Language and Communication Training and ESL classes are as impactful or more so than onsite training.  

We have been training remotely, online for since 2006! ProActive English has delivered thousands of hours of remote training effectively, in face-to-face video conferencing sessions with clients around the world at some of the most successful companies in the world.

Here are some examples:

  • ProActive English conducted 150 hours of online ESL training programs for several global teams with one organization.  Our American trainer, while in Mexico for an extended period, monitored simulated client calls between senior executives in Japan and a U.S-based role-playing trainer in Minnesota (US). The trainer then provided immediate feedback, reviewing the video with the participant. This realistic model of communication with clients presented an exciting and impactful learning opportunity.

  • ProActive English completed pre-arrival training remotely using Zoom with incoming ex-pats (chemists) from a Japanese chemical manufacturer serving a major semiconductor vendor with offices in Hillsboro, Oregon and HQ in Santa Clara, California. The pre-arrival remote sessions helped these ex-pats function more effectively sooner after arrival in the U.S., saving valuable time in getting them up to speed.

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Why is online training effective?

ProActive English training by video conference sessions means that training now looks like most business meetings for global and local teams.  Our trainer sees and hears the challenges facing each participant.  The platform mirrors the environment that participants use daily to communicate with clients and colleagues.  Learn about ROI for ProActive English training.

Challenges for participants include:

  • Making small talk to help build relationships in virtual settings
  • Being assertive and jumping into conversations on conference calls
  • Expressing ideas in an organized and succinct manner without direct eye contact
  • Understanding what is being said and asking for clarification when necessary
  • Managing conference call and meeting agendas, including time
  • Speaking clearly when on a call or in a presentation

Conferencing platforms allow:

  • Three-way (or more) meetings; trainers can observe silently and provide the feedback that participants rarely receive
  • Document sharing with feedback on writing skills training
  • Presentations sharing, with feedback on slide design and delivery
  • Sharing of audio and video files which model speech and delivery styles


6-session refresher course (with Discount Code for friends of ProActive English) 
ProActive English Menu of Training Options.  January 2024


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ProActive English Menu of Training Options.  January 2024
Learn about ROI for ProActive English Training 

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ProActive English made and continues to make a difference for me. In setting up the training, the program was: - Customized - an intense one-week training based on my needs. - Flexible enough to satisfy my challenging schedule. The training itself offered personal attention and identification of improvement areas. I also learned about variables that impact effective communication from cross-cultural communication, idioms, and style to advanced grammar. After the training, I received professional responses to requests for language-related help and timely responses to additional needs for support. After taking several English courses in different settings, my program with Proactive English was the first learning experience where I had a chance to build my confidence. The work that David Kertzner is doing is unique.

D.M. Vazquez

Senior Consultant

Cambridge Technology Partners


Increase employee  confidence and productivity with language training.  Save time and money for your organization.

Relevant Training

Consistent training that can be tailored to the needs of the participants that's both realistic and positive.