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Customized Language Training

Common Goals. Individual Needs.

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SCHEDULE a free 30-minute language and communication consultation for you or your organization - or call 503-231-2906 to learn more.

ProActive English specializes in helping people whose second or third language is English to become more proficient at communicating in workplace and professional settings – when speaking and writing in English.

Many participants in our training programs are advanced English language speakers who are functioning in English, or are proficient speakers or have high levels of fluency in English, but need to improve their skills to function more effectively and more confidently in fast-paced work environments.

Customized ESL Language Training Options

Customized language and communication training options for groups and individuals includes:

ESL Language and Communication Training For Non-Native English Speakers
We offer customized language training for a variety of languages, including:

ESL Language Training For All Industries

We’re happy to provide Business English and communication training for people who work in all types of industries, including:

Remote or Onsite ESL Language Training

We deliver language training remotely or onsite, for individuals or groups of all sizes. We’ll customize the training program and tailor content to meet your organization's needs and budget.

For more information on our remote and onsite language training programs, please call (503) 231-2906 or e-mail us at



Increase employee  confidence and productivity with language training.  Save time and money for your organization.

Assured Quality

Delivering enterprise-wide training for thousands of employees or as few a five. Helping participants with their own improvement.