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for Manufacturers

We help a diverse workforce find their voice

Food Producers, Home Furnishers, Medical Cable and Device Makers, Precision Machinery, others 

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Manufacturing facilities are smarter than ever, relying on digitized machinery on the line and increasingly on AI robotics, now interacting with human beings.

But most manufacturers still rely on people to communicate accurately, succinctly and effectively with co-workers on the line, with managers, with machinery and, sometimes, with clients.

ProActive English has more than 20 years providing creative training solutions for manufacturers with complex multishift operations and diverse, multicultural workforces. Participants in training are usually immigrants who have worked hard to establish a life in the United States. Some were well-educated in their native country, others not. Some arrive here as refugees, others through more traditional paths with little resources. But all of them want and need our help to improve their ESL language skills for spoken English and written English.

Companies that recognize the benefit of supporting their hard-working labor force gain competitive advantage. In addition to increased productivity on a daily basis, our ESL training can lead talented high-potentials into management training and greater loyalty with their company. It’s a win-win situation.

ESL Language Training For All Types Of Manufacturers

We have provided remote ESL trainings or onsite ESL trainings for employees in a variety of positions, including:

  • team leads
  • project managers
  • machinists
  • warehouse workers
  • assemblers
  • packers
  • line workers
  • boxers

ESL Language Training For All Types Of Manufacturers

We have worked with highly successful manufacturers, providing ESL language training for diverse teams at:

  • frozen food companies
  • foam bed makers
  • medical devices makers including cables,
  • electronics manufacturers
  • bootmakers

For more information about our ESL training programs for manufacturing companies, or to schedule a free consultation, please call us at  or e-mail

Please note that in addition to manufacturing companies, we also provide ESL training for all types of companies and organizations, including: technology companies, healthcare, consulting and professional services, research, customer service, and government agencies.

We provide training for people whose native language is: ChineseJapaneseSpanishRussianHindi (and other languages in India), Vietnamese, French, and German, as well as other languages.

For more information about our ESL language and communication training for manufacturing organizations, or to schedule a free consultation, please call 503-231-2906 or e-mail us at


Increase employee  confidence and productivity with language training.  Save time and money for your organization.

Needs Assessment

Discover what an "Organization Needs Assessment" is for language training.