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Creative, Flexible Programming

Our experience in a variety of business training environments drives efficient and effective training opportunities for participants and stakeholders.  The result is a meaningful increase in your productivity. 

A Silicon Valley subsidiary of a global online retailer asked ProActive English to train managers and developers of search engine software.  We have helped 90+ employees since 2011 to improve their communication skills in a fast-paced environment of well-educated professionals.  In 2017, we were invited to deliver training for the global retailer at their facility in Tokyo.

A U.S.-based cancer research company asked ProActive English to address writing skills for documentation of the research process and to improve communication practices among increasingly diverse teams.  ProActive English created a three-day workshop training format followed by remote one-on-one sessions to build individual skills. 

A leading global IT research consulting firm contracted with ProActive English for onsite and remote training with analysts in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin American.  ProActive English has worked with over 70 analysts focusing on business writing, presentations and conference call communication.

A Portland metro-area electronics firm asked ProActive English to train Vietnamese, Laotian and Chinese line employees needing to communicate more precisely and efficiently.  Curriculum focused on accent modification, asking / answering questions and explaining how to resolve problems on the line.

An Oregon medical devices plant hired ProActive English to deliver training for Asian and Latino line workers.  The customized curriculum derived from interviews with managers and incorporated production line tools and materials.  Managers participated in training sessions. 

A Japanese-owned chemical manufacturer has contracted with ProActive English since 2014 to work with ex-pats at their Portland facility.  Training addresses language and communication skills to improve daily communication with American colleagues and regulators. 

A global precision-machinery company asked ProActive English to ramp up English skills of new hires from Taiwan, China, Korea and Europe in advance of new hire training.  The curriculum improved language skills, while orienting trainees to cultural expectations in an American corporate environment.

A food processing company asked ProActive English to develop language training for line employees who prepare frozen food products.  Multicultural classes focused on basic reading skills, explaining problems on the line, writing shift reports and improving participation in company-wide training.  

An organization of retirement communities in California asked ProActive English to deliver ESL classes for non-native English speaking employees in dining services, hospitality and maintenance. Curriculum delivered over four years focused on communication in service positions, job safety, reading employee-related documents and interacting at team meetings.


Increase employee  confidence and productivity with language training.  Save time and money for your organization.

Relevant Training

Consistent training that can be tailored to the needs of the participants that's both realistic and positive.