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Workplace Programs

Smart Facilities require Smarter Communication

Language and Communication Training Helps Your Line Work Better.

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Dynamic production meets diverse workforce. Great communication required.  

Those two sentences describe the need for a lot of manufacturing facilities where ProActive English has delivered training over the past 20 years, as manufacturers continue to invest in smart machines which require teams of employees to communicate clearly and manage settings to keep lines moving.  Investing in English language training for non-native English speakers on these teams means everyone works better. 

Can you measure ROI for language training in a manufacturing facility?  One thing we've learned: It is NOT about language tests.  Learn how one client measured ROI during and after ProActive English training.

Consider these outcomes of ProActive English Workplace Language Training:

  • Fewer costly mistakes in production due to misunderstood directions or employee reluctance to ask questions
  • Increased willingness to share money-saving ideas for how to improve the production line
  • Decreased costs as employees engage more effectively in safety training and cross-training

Course content for manufacturing workers can include:

  • American English pronunciation and American accent training using site-based vocabulary 
  • Vocabulary building and fluency when describing production tasks
  • Communicating confidently in shift meetings and understanding compliance training
  • Participating in meetings with supervisors during performance reviews and team-building activities
  • Writing workplace documentation including basic reports and compliance forms

How do we get results: 

  • We meet with HR and Team Leads to discuss training needs and identify benchmarks for improvement
  • We observe the production process and identify where and how communication takes place
  • We assess participants to determine starting levels
  • We develop curriculum from company documentation, audio recordings
  • and other  workplace material
  • Training - meeting weekly - includes formal and informal reporting to mark progress
  • We welcome managers and leads into training sessions to share perspectives, model American English pronunciation and practice speaking and listening skills.

What happens at your facility?

In diverse communities across the United States, new Americans and permanent residents for whom English is a second language are working hard at increasingly sophisticated manufacturing facilities.  As their communication skills improve – especially their American English pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency, your company improves.  We can help.

For more information
 about our ESL training for corporations and organizations, or to schedule a 
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On the occasion of our contract renewal, I’d like to recognize your company for its great technical and linguistic expertise, marvelous customer service, and overall professionalism. The Business English Web has revolutionized our pronunciation classes. Our learners have loved the freedom to practice and perform their activities at any time, from any computer. It’s been a pleasure working with you so far, and I’m looking forward to future expansion. Thanks so much for all you do.

Emily Wheeler

Senior Training Specialist, HR/Workplace English

Stanford University Medical Center


Increase employee  confidence and productivity with language training.  Save time and money for your organization.

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