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E-Learning for Corporate Universities

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Language Learning on Your Platform or Ours 

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SCHEDULE a free 30-minute language and communication consultation for you or your organization - or call 503-231-2906 to learn more.

ProActive English can help you develop unique, E-Learning content for your corporate E-Learning environment, enabling your organization to offer just-in-time learning for English language classes such as Business ESL writing, accent modification featuring the vocabulary of your organization or any other English language course you need.

Content can be delivered for your learning platform or via our own platform, Business English Web©, where users can upload recorded speech for trainer review or complete self-guided practice activities.

Corporate clients can use the Business English Web© to:Business English Web Student learning on laptop

  • Assess non-native English speakers’ listening, speaking and other communication skills, including accent

  • Enhance face-to-face training with Web-based learning for intermediate to advanced speakers of English

  • Create proprietary language content for skilled employees such as medical staff, sales teams and global managers

Human Resource and Program Managers can:

  • Conduct customized assessments of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills to better target training needs

  • Develop learning programs for specific purposes for corporate or in-house partners

Language Trainers in-house or on contract can:

  • Design simple, customized Web-based learning programs for individuals and groups

  • Create and manage Web-based learning content, including interactive speaking activities and assessments

  • Listen and respond to audio recordings from employees, including audio with PowerPoint presentations

  • Manage and monitor employee learning performance

Learn about our online tool! Watch a Video of The Business English Web©

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Increase employee  confidence and productivity with language training.  Save time and money for your organization.

Assured Quality

Delivering enterprise-wide training for thousands of employees or as few a five. Helping participants with their own improvement.