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Business English for Meetings
and Conference Calls

Make remote communication easier

Communication Skills and Business English Training
for Meetings and Conference Calls

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Communicating effectively in meetings and video calls is a tremendous challenge for many non-native English-speaking professionals - including many who are virtually fluent. Fast-paced speech of assertive native-English speakers makes it difficult to jump into conversations or interrupt when meeting participants want to make a point or correct what someone else said.  As a result, managers and senior leaders see high-potential employees not contributing as much as they need to.  

Non-native English speakers can learn how to engage more effectively and communicate in English more easily in meetings with clients and colleagues. We can help!

ProActive English has worked with thousands of individuals (and global teams) to help them communicate more clearly.  Business English for Meetings and Video Calls is one of our most requested language training services.

Our goal is not to change who you are. Rather, we help you and those around you more easily understand who you are and the work you are doing.

Business English for Meetings and Video Calls Training and Classes

Business English for Meetings training and classes offers English language practice and simulation activities that help participants become more confident speakers of English and engage more effectively in meetings and video calls.  Participants build cultural understanding for how meetings function in English-speaking environments, they learn language for facilitating discussions, useful expressions for interrupting others and many other elements of strategic communication using English in meetings or conference calls.  

ProActive English takes Business English for meetings a step further, customizing training and classes for professional settings and work interactions across a variety of industries (technologymanufacturinghealthcare, and more).

Our customized Business English for Meetings training and classes for individuals and teams can include:

  • simulation activities based on client scenarios or situations specific to your industry
  • focusing your message in meeting situations
  • using your voice with confidence to emphasize key points and get recognized
  • asking questions and responding to questions clearly
  • managing conflict and confrontation
  • active listening
  • building English vocabulary, including idiomatic expressions and choosing words appropriately 


For more information on our Business English for Meetings training and classes, please call (503) 231-2906 or e-mail us at

Please note that in addition to Business English for meetings and video calls, we also offer ESL trainings for teams and individuals on: American English pronunciation and accent modification; presentations training; speaking confidently and fluently under pressure; language, culture and Business (including conversational English) and Business English writing.


Increase employee  confidence and productivity with language training.  Save time and money for your organization.

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