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Accent Reduction Training and Classes

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Many proficient English speakers struggle because their accent leads to misunderstanding of critical information and difficulty communicating.  Non-native speakers can lose confidence in professional settings, despite their technical skills, as native speakers get frustrated as listeners.

When your accent is making it more stressful for you to speak up, to engage in meetings or if your accent contributes to breakdowns in communication, we can help!

ProActive English has worked with thousands of individuals (and global teams) to help them communicate more clearly.  Accent reduction or accent modification is one of our most requested language training services.

When our course participants can neutralize or modify their accent, spoken communication becomes easier in professional and personal settings.  Our goal is not to change who you are – your accent is part of who you are.  Rather, we help you and those around you understand more easily who you are.

Accent Reduction Training and Classes
Accent training begins with improving the rhythm, stress and intonation that speakers need to produce the sound patterns of American speech.  Learning also focuses on pronunciation of the sounds of English vowels, consonants and consonant clusters that are problematic for many non-native speakers.  We use the vocabulary of your organization or industry, making recordings of the words or phrases for your use, that participants use every day at work.

ProActive English takes accent training a step further, customizing training and classes for professional settings and work interactions across a variety of industries (tech, manufacturing, healthcare, and more).

Our customized accent reduction training and classes for individuals and teams includes:

  • using pace of speech and appropriate word stress to emphasize important points in any situation
  • pronunciation of multi-syllable words and expressions specific to your industry or organization
  • pronunciation of technical words and terminology (e.g. chemistry, engineering, software, or healthcare terms)
  • understanding why people may not understand your speech and how to produce clearer speech every time

Throughout accent reduction training, we also address challenges like speaking under pressure at meetings, presenting information and giving feedback, managing Q&A sessions, and more.

Accent Reduction Training For Non-Native Speakers
We offer our customized accent reduction training and classes for speakers of all types of languages, including:

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