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Presentations Training and Classes

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Putting together three slides for a five-minute presentation is not an easy task for many non-native English speaking professionals.  Presenting those slides is often even more challenging.  

Non-native speakers in many professional environments who know their content very well often struggle to explain their content clearly and concisely. Explaining charts and graphics and relationships depicted by colorful images, talking about numbers and data, highlighting key information, identifying the takeaway, responding to questions with confidence and clarity - these are very difficult communication tasks for many non-native English speakers.   We can help!

If you have experienced this challenge or if you manage a team member who is experiencing this challenge as a non-native English speaker, our training module - Presenting Information Clearly and Concisely - addresses all these issues and more!

ProActive English has worked with thousands of individuals (and global teams) to help them organize and deliver presentations more clearly and with impact.  In fact, presentations training is one of our most requested Business English training services.  We help high-potential, technically knowledgeable professionals learn how to think about their information, focus on key points, communicate concisely, systematically and confidently so that your team or your client gets your message - and wants more!

Presentation Training and Classes

Presentations training includes modules on how to use your voice to engage listeners and how to prepare dynamic and engaging slides. We address various approaches to sharing visual content and we help presenters turn a one-way presentation into a dialog with listeners.

ProActive English takes presentation training a step further, customizing training and classes for professional settings and work interactions across a variety of industries (technology, manufacturing, healthcare and more).

Our customized presentation training and classes for individuals and teams includes:

  • Understanding presentation styles and identifying presenters' best styles
  • Finding your voice and your comfort zone 
  • Strategies for organizing information, message mapping and story-telling
  • Talking about numbers, data, graphs and graphic images
  • Formulating and responding to questions clearly and concisely
  • Mastering difficult to pronounce terminology that speakers use frequently

Our Business English presentations training also addresses speaking under pressure at meetings with clients and colleagues, and speaking to the C-Suite and to colleagues or clients who may have less technical knowledge.

For more information about our ESL language and communication training for corporations and organizations, or to schedule a free consultation, please call 503-231-2906 or e-mail us at


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Consistent training that can be tailored to the needs of the participants that's both realistic and positive.