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Business ESL and E-Learning-Content

The Business English Web and Classroom Material

Resources for Business English

Universities and other ESL training organizations, or individuals interested in corporate ESL training can access content on The Business English Web© to:

  • Assess non-native English speakers’ listening, speaking and other communication skills
  • Support language learning online -  Business English communication and customized English Lanugage training activities for higher level learners

The Business English Web© is a language learning online resource that includes 75+ hours of self-guided Business English learning activities including ESL pronunciation, vocabulary building, speaking and listening practice primarily for corporate ESL training.                                                   

The Web tool can be tailored to the language needs of companies including recordings of industry-specific terms.  Non-native speakers can record audio and trainers can provide audio and text feedback on presentations and other expressions used on a daily basis.  Individuals interested in corporate ESL training and individual learners can purchase user licenses.

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Key Features of the Business English Web©:

  • Five-skills Assessment including Speaking skills

  • Student Recorded Practice Exercises with Feedback

  • Student Audio Upload with PowerPoint Presentations

  • Interface for Content Development

Business English Web© Users:

  • Follow a customized sequence of learning activities that match learning priorities

  • Upload spoken English for review by language trainers

  • Improve listening skills through interactive practice with recorded dialogs

  • Upload PowerPoint presentations with notes and recorded audio for review by trainer

The Business English Web© is available for representatives of companies seeking to provide or supplement training for non-native English speakers.

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