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Each language training opportunity includes familiar issues and unique aspects.  Our experience with a variety of training contexts, the efficient use of video conferencing tools for virtual training sessions and the inclusion of our proprietary resource, The Business English Web, allows us to meet client needs efficiently, responsibly and effectively.  Our low overhead costs allow us to work closely with a highly trained network of experienced corporate language trainers.


Here are some examples of our work:

A leading information technology research and advisory company needed an advanced level language and communication skills training for market researchers in China, Taiwan, South Korea and India.  These well-educated employees struggle to write succinct market research papers and communicate ideas in a virtual workplace as global team members.  ProActive English has provided face-to-face and remote training for this client since 2008, supported by The Business English Web. Training focus includes conference call simulations, presentations training for clients and colleagues and business writing for analysts preparing sophisticated white papers on a wide range of technology markets.  

A rapidly growing U.S.-based cancer research company asked ProActive English to help employees improve writing skills for documentation of the research process, and improve communication practices among their increasingly diverse teams.  In response to a demanding work schedule, ProActive English developed a flexible training format with three days of intensive workshops to introduce key skills, followed by one-on-one sessions via conference call to reinforce and extend skill-building.  Participants include managers, quality assurance engineers at advanced levels and facilities employees who need work on basic English skills.

An American-based major pharmaceutical company in Tokyo needed training for a wide range of language skill levels for 70 senior and junior managers and research scientists.
  ProActive English designed and implemented a two-year program which was extended following positive feedback from participants.  Trainees attended weekly small group classes and received individual coaching sessions.  Trainees used The Business English Web for weekly speaking practice assignments.  Customized curriculum included simulations of meetings and video conferences, presentations training, speaking and listening practice, grammar review and vocabulary building.  Short videotaped assessment interviews were conducted every six months and management received individual reports of student progress.

A Japanese telecommunications company asked
 ProActive English to implement a presentations training program for 10 Japanese employees at a U.S. R & D facility addressing trainees’ ability to deliver a standard company introduction and make customized presentations for potential clients.  Trainer feedback of videotaped presentations in class emphasized communication techniques for making effective ‘western style’ presentations, along with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills at intermediate to advanced levels.

A precision machinery company in California asked ProActive English to ramp up the English skills of 46 new hires from Taiwan, China, Korea, France and Germany in advance of an intensive 3-month new hire training.
  ProActive English developed curriculum designed to improve speaking and listening skills, while orienting trainees to expectations for functioning in an American corporate environment. 


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